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Limo's proprietary AI audits every chart for your custom billing and clinical requirements.
Achieve 100% pre-bill audit coverage at 1% of the cost. Never worry about clawbacks again.
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Step 1.

Define your audit criteria

Define your clinical and billing audit criteria by directly incorporating questions from your established standards, ensuring precision and consistency in your audit processes.

Provider Group B

3 Providers Selected
Clinical Quality Audit
Documentation Completeness Audit
SOAP Note Uniqueness Audit
Note Qualification Criteria
Appointment Timestamp Check
Submit Audit Criteria
Step 2.

Connect your EHR

Simply select your EHR system from our comprehensive list of built-in integrations, and watch as our advanced AI seamlessly audits 100% of your charts real-time.
Athena Health
EHR Integration
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Step 3.

Review audit results

Effortlessly review and manage the audit results from our AI – with a simple approval or rejection. Limo can also autonomously deliver feedback directly to your providers, streamlining communication and enhancing efficiency.

SOAP Note Uniqueness Audit

Andrew Thompson, MD - Provider
Eve Hawthorn, CPC - Coder & Biller
Assessment / Plan Reference
Proposed Change(s)
Possible Cloned Note(s)
Approve Changes


Is Limo HIPAA, SOC 2 and GDPR compliant?

Yes, Limo is HIPAA, SOC 2 and GDPR compliant. You may request a copy of our compliance reports at anytime by emailing compliance@.

How can I ensure my existing billing and clinical standards are followed when using AI?

Limo's AI uses advanced language models, custom-built with modern healthcare billing knowledge. Our implementation team will work closely with you during your onboarding period to learn from your feedback until you are confident our AI is following your standards precisely and consistently.

Does Limo offer any kind of free trial period?

Yes, absolutely! We are very confident that our AI will be able to create significant positive ROI for your practice. Thus, we'll happily work with you to define a free trial period together where you can confidently evaluate our technology before making any long-term financial commitments.

How do I connect my EHR with Limo?

Limo has hundreds of built-in integrations with EHRs, clearinghouses, and billing providers. It's highly likely Limo already integrates with your EHR system, automatically streaming in your charts within minutes. If not, we will happily custom-build the integration free of charge.

Does Limo provide any reporting or analytics on individual provider performances?

Yes, Limo provides both real-time dashboards and downloadable spreadsheets on how each of your providers are performing based on your clinical and billing audit criteria.
If you have any further questions, please reach out to our friendly support team.
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“It's unbelievable how far technology has come. I don't think we'll need to hire another auditor ever again.”

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Limo's AI audits your patients' medical charts 98.2% cheaper than human auditors.
*Based on the average annual salary of medical billers and coders in the US.